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Dad Leaves Wholesome Messages For Daughter Through His Ring Doorbell

"I'd just made a vow to myself years ago that she wouldn't go a day without knowing I love her."


Chuck Williams, a dad from Murray, Kentucky, has found a surprising way to remind his daughter, who was away at graduate school in Louisville, how much he loves her: through video messages taken from his smart doorbell. For this Kentucky family, the Ring doorbell, which is equipped with surveillance video and social features, has provided an unexpected opportunity to connect virtually with loved ones. And it’s been sort of like a substitute for Zoom for the Williams family.

Hannah Williams gifted her parents the doorbell last Christmas after heading off to graduate school at Bellarmine University. She soon discovered, via the Ring app on her phone, that her dad had been leaving her daily video messages from his front door for her to see, including chats about the weather, Valentine’s Day best wishes, positive messages about her studies for the day, and, of course, reminders that he misses her.

Dad Shows His Love Through Ring

Hannah may have moved away from home, but that didn’t stop her dad from showing his love everyday.

Posted by Ring on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In an interview with KHOU News, Hannah explained that, at first, she wasn’t aware of the videos or how many there were, although there turned out to be dozens of them. She said, “I check in on my parents every now and then,” adding, “I would get notifications every now and then when my parents would leave the house. Of course, I wasn’t looking at them all the time.” But she eventually discovered the heartwarming messages and posted a hilarious compilation of them on Facebook

Chuck explained why he’d taken to leaving the sweet messages for his daughter, saying, “I’d just made a vow to myself years ago that she wouldn’t go a day without knowing I love her.” For those who received the Ring doorbell or something similar over the holidays, let the Williams’ story serve as a little inspiration for how to use it to hang out virtually with loved ones amid the COVID-19 pandemic