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Dad Masterfully Trolls His Daughter’s Engagement Photo

No sooner did the groom-to-be get down on one knee, than dad pops up in the background with a hilarious sign.

Twitter (@allison_barron)

Last Saturday, Levi Bliss and Allison Barron, a couple from Nevada, got engaged. The couple had been together for more than two years when Levi decided to pop the big question, to which Allison happily agreed. But their proposal took a hilariously unexpected twist when Allison’s dad Jake popped up in the background holding up a sign telling his daughter to “Say No” as Levi got down on one knee. Jake had been waiting with the sign at the top of the hill, much to the surprise and delight of both Levi and Allison.

Fortunately, Jake’s masterful trolling was not the result of any actual ill feelings he harbored toward his future son-in-law. Quite the contrary. As Allison told Buzzfeed News, her father and her future husband are “very close,” and they’ve developed a real bond during her two-year relationship with Levi. In fact, Allison said that her dad pulling a prank like this shows just how much he sees Levi as a part of the family.