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Clever Dad Goes to Excruciating Lengths to Teach His Son How to Blow Out a Candle

It took a while but he finally figured out the trick.

Reddit: nomybro

One dad’s Herculean effort to help his son blow out the candle on his birthday cupcake has gone viral. And rightfully so, it’s hilarious. The toddler doesn’t know what to do and the determined dad goes to extraordinary lengths to get him to make a wish on his big day.

The video begins with the father and son sitting at the kitchen table as the boy prepares to blow out the lit candle on the cupcake in front of him. Things quickly go wrong for the kid, though, and he finds himself unable to huff, puff, or blow the candle out. Dad immediately steps in and tries to guide his son, but it doesn’t work. His next step, naturally, is to grab his son’s cheeks and position them in a prime spot for breathing life out of the flame. Still nothing.

Even with dad holding his cheeks, the son was unable to blow out the candle. Determined not to see his kid fail, the clever dad had an ingenious idea. He quickly ran into the kitchen and grabbed a straw, hoping this might be the tool that finally extinguishes the birthday candle. It worked! With the straw securely in his mouth, the kid finally knew what to do. He immediately blew out the candle, and presumably wished for an easier time next year.