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Dad Hilariously Live Tweets the School Trip From Hell

Chaperoning is important, but it can also be a nightmare.

Twitter @ simonfromharlow

One British dad got more than he bargained for after volunteering to chaperone 60 kids from his daughter’ s Year 5 (about the fourth grade in the U.S.) class on a field trip to the Science Museum. Much to his horror, what he thought would be a peaceful trip actually turned out to be a total nightmare complete with vomiting, farts, and lots of nine to ten-year-olds crying because of all the vomiting and farting. Luckily for everyone except him, the dad in question published a handful of hilarious tweets about the entire trip.

On Twitter, the father in question goes by @simonfromharlow. Harlow is slightly down-on-it’s luck burg near a stretch of England’s southeast coast known for attracting people with ludicrous accents and fake tans. Simon self-identifies as a “curmudgeon” and an “idiot.” So that’s your backstory. Here’s the beautiful narrative….


Within just a few minutes his patience is already being tested.

Now that the whole class is off to the races, the little boy who was calling him ‘bruv’ doubles down on the difficulty.

As anyone who has to travel with kids will probably tell you, there is no way to ensure that every kid actually uses the bathroom before you leave to go anywhere.

And then come the farts, because kids.

Then one student vomits, but the world hasn’t ended yet.

Then the exhaustion from being stuck in tiny space with a bunch of small kids starts to set in.

Arriving at the museum didn’t seem to make anything easier though.

As one can imagine he continues to be taken a back by the stuff these kids choose to talk about.

and having to watch them shop for things.

Then there were more tears, but not due to farts this time. That’s marginally better right?

As they make their way back to the school, if one would think that they’re just too tuckered out to make it difficult, they’d be wrong.

They made it back eventually, but there’s no doubt that Simon will remember this particular trip forever.