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Watch This Dad Explain the Eight Styles of Parenting in This Hilarious Video

Though he poked fun at a lot of parents, Watson also told them "don’t worry if you’re not perfect."

How To Dad Youtube

For the last three years, Jordan Watson has been cracking the code on parenting with his YouTube channel “How to Dad.” Every week he tackles a new subject like breastfeeding in public, “How to read a bedtime story,” or even “How to get a dad bod.” In his most recent video, Watson broke down what he feels like are the eight different types of parents.

As he put it during a TED talk once, “reading fancy parenting books was just never for me. And to be honest, you know, I’d much rather make it up. It’s more fun that way.” That said, it makes sense that he has his own hilarious interpretation of parenting.

There are helicopter parents who simply hover over their kids constantly, while the “Mum” parent calls their mom for literally every bit of baby advice they need. Watson also took a shot at “cool” parents too as he walked on screen with a backward hat and attempted to hit the dab for his infant daughter. Naturally, the “strict” parent is always ready to punish the kids over nothing, while the relaxed parent just goes “no drugs or getting knocked up for the next 18 years” and puts the baby down.

He brought the skit into 2018 as well. The “Google” parent is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than improvise, they only ask the internet. While the “Google” parent might seem like they are filled with constant dread like the “overprotective” parent, they will also start to remind you of the “reads too many books” parent, who always seems to know more or as much about parenting as any professional. At the end of it all though, Watson’s words to all parents were what really mattered.

“And now you just want to try to be like a perfect mix of all of the above. But don’t worry if you’re not perfect. There will be plenty of people lining up to tell you exactly that, like your mother-in-law, your mum, your dad, your brother, the neighbor, postman, that Dr. Phil TV show, the list goes on… Good luck!”