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Dad Has Perfect Reaction to Son’s First Major League Home Run

Totally worth it.


Nothing is quite as joyful as a father celebrating his kid’s successes. Florida Marlins rookie second baseman Isan Diaz’s father certainly proved this after Diaz nailed a home rum during his major league debut. His amazing reaction was all caught on video – because he was in the middle of an in-game interview when it happened.

A Fox News Florida interviewer was about to ask Diaz’s father a question when his son torched a pitch from New York Mets pitcher Jacob de Grom. The proud dad immediately jumped to his feet, raised his arms and screamed and cheered for his son. The moment exudes pure happiness and joy as Diaz’s family celebrates Diaz’s incredible hit. Diaz makes his way around the bases and back to the dugout where his teammates congratulated him with high fives, while his father continued to yell out his son’s name.

After nearly minute of celebration, Diaz’s father apologized to the interviewer, who, of course, told him that there was “no apology needed.” Though the moment had somewhat died down, Diaz’s father was obviously still in gleeful shock over his son’s accomplishment. “We just homered off de Grom?!” he said. “That’s a Cy Young winner. We just homered off de Grom in his major league debut. That is unreal.” The video was shared by ESPN and has garnered over 621,000 views and 23,900 likes.

The Mets went on to beat the Marlins 6-2, but surely, nothing could take away from the pride and happiness Diaz’s dad felt during the game.