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Video Shows Dad Being Interrupted By His Kids During Live Interview

Part of the beauty of live television is that anything can happen, and when you toss kids into the mix, the already unpredictable medium can reach hysterical new heights. Just ask Robert Kelly. Kelly is an associate professor of Political Science at Pusan National University and was brought on to BBC to discuss recent political events in South Korea — every toddler’s favorite topic. But partway through the interview, Kelly discovered that next time he has a network interview, he might want to leave the house.

The American-born professor, who now lives in South Korea, was debating the removal of the country’s President, Park Geun-hye, when his young daughter burst into the room dancing to the sweet sounds of dad being a little busy at the moment. Kelly tries to get her to leave, but before he succeeds his little toddler has also invaded the room in his bouncer.

As if things aren’t already funny enough, things get more chaotic when Kelly’s wife Jung-a Kim frantically runs into the room to round up their brood as quickly as possible. At this point, both Kelly and the host are trying to keep the interview on track but can barely conceal their clear amusement. After the interview, Kelly was asked if he was okay with the clip being shared online. He already seemed aware of the viral nature of the moment.

Overall, this is a great reminder that no matter how in control you think you are as a parent, it’s only a matter of time before your little bundle of joy finds a way to bring some mischief into your life. Still, if you find yourself preparing to get interviewed on live TV, double check and really make sure that door is locked.

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