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Dad Has Hilarious Reaction After Son Throws Home Run Ball Back at MLB Game

All baseball-loving parents will relate to this guy.

Baseball is filled with unwritten rules. Don’t flip your bat after a home run. Don’t take too long to run the bases. The list goes on. There are so many, that even fans have rules regarding baseball etiquette, including throwing back a home run ball if it was hit by the visiting team.

So when one kid caught a home run hit by the visiting Astros during a game against Anaheim Angels, he may have thought he was following these unwritten rules when he threw it back on the field. The only problem? The kid was rooting for the Astros. It’s a hilarious moment made even funnier by his dad’s reaction, as it is clear that he can’t believe what he just witnessed.

The incident occurred at the top of the 6th inning when third baseman Alex Bregman hit a solo shot to left field. The ball was caught by the dad, who then gave it to his son, believing he had just handed him a souvenir he could hold onto forever. However, before the dad can finish celebrating, his son chucks the ball back onto the field and the look on his dad’s face immediately shifts from jubilee to immense frustration.

Perhaps the best part of the entire video is when the dad tries to come to peace with what he just witnessed after the fact because it’s a moment every parent can relate to. While he’s clearly upset, he knows he can’t be upset towards his son, so he’s left trying to pretend like he’s fine with what just happened.

Fortunately, the whole thing had a happy ending, as Angels security was able to retrieve the ball and return it to the father and son. Let’s just hope the kid didn’t toss it out on the car window on the drive home.