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Dad Faces Felony Charges for Slapping Stepdaughter’s 12-Year-Old Bully

He threatened to beat the boy up.

A Texas dad who was arrested for allegedly slapping the 12-year-old boy who was bullying his stepdaughter is now facing a felony charge for injury to a child.

According to police records, James Olander Peace, 37, confronted the bully and his friend while they were walking home from school on Valentine’s Day while Peace’s stepdaughter, Presleigh, waited in the car.

“He struck [the boy] on the left side of his face with an open right palm,” reads the complaint filed by Deer Park Police. “And then the man stated that if [the boy] tells anyone else what happened, he will beat them up too.”

Not only was the incident captured on a nearby home surveillance camera, but there was also an eyewitness, who told police that she saw Peace “reach back and strike the boy in the face and that the boy just stood there in shock and never retaliated.”

Peace was arrested the next day after the boy told his teacher that he was afraid to go to lunch and see Presleigh, reports KHOU. The police were then notified.

Presleigh’s mother, while agreeing that her husband went too far, did say that her daughter was a victim of the boy’s bullying. She explained to KTRK that the boy had called Presleigh “a transvestite” and was “throwing ice cream at her.”

Peace, who has since been released on $15,000 bond, has also apologized for hitting the boy. But he wants to make a point to other parents that bullying isn’t okay.

“I am sorry for [slapping him.] I wish I would have approached it differently,” Peace told ABC13. In a later interview with KHOU, he added, “I defend my kids. If it was ever the same way, I would check my own kids in front of you if I needed to. Right then and there.”