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This Dad Staged a Home Invasion After Stealing His Daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie Profits

There are no words...

Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

An Oregon dad has been arrested for faking a home burglary to cover up the fact that he stole money from his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie sales.

On March 6, Brian Couture, 40, called 911 to report that someone had broken into his home in Forest Grove via the sliding glass door and that there had been a struggle. When police arrived on the scene, Couture was found unresponsive and immediately taken to the hospital.

After a K-9 unit searched the area and found no suspect, Couture admitted to authorities that he had staged the home invasion “to conceal the theft of money belonging to a non-profit organization, that was spent inappropriately.”

He is now being charged with theft, initiating a false report, and improper use of an emergency system, KPTV reports. Couture, who was released from jail Tuesday morning, has pled guilty to all charges.

According to a statement by the Girl Scouts, Couture stole $740 in cookie profits from his daughter. The organization told FOX 31 that they are working with police to recover the money. “At this time, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington is following our normal procedure to collect on funds owed. The stewardship of Girl Scout troop funds is a top priority for our organization, and that is our focus in this matter.”

And Forest Grove Police Captain Michael Hall is taking this opportunity to remind people that authorities take false reports very seriously. He explained to KGW, “We’re like any other industry, we have to prioritize where our resources go, and in the instance of an alleged home invasion, we are going to put the most resources on that, so that can deprive people of better service that we can offer.”