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Dad Fail: This Father Took a Selfie Instead of His Daughter’s Graduation

Fortunately no one seemed too upset with him about it.


This week in middle-aged Americans struggling with technology: One dad has gone viral after posting a video of himself cheering for his daughter as she walked across the stage at her high school graduation. Here’s the catch, the whole time he thought that he was actually recording her walking across the stage, not his own reaction to it.

The video begins with the camera right on the face of this clueless and proud father cheering on his daughter as she walks across the stage to receive her diploma. Once the dad realized his mistake, he let out a quick “Oh shit!” and tried to get the phone facing the right way. But before too long, he accepted that it was too late and he started to break out in laughter.

His bemused reaction is one that anyone who has accidentally opened their phone or iPad camera on selfie mode will understand. Usually we all just shudder and turn on the forward facing camera as quickly as possible, but in this case, what makes it so hysterical is that he was looking up at the screen for a nice chunk of time before he finally noticed the error in his ways.

Posted by Classic Dad on Sunday, November 26, 2017

To further defend this dad trying his best, we can all agree it’s very hard to look at even the brightest phone screen with the sun beating down on your cornea. Beyond that, he still had to drop his shades down off of his forehead before he could even figure out what was happening on the screen. Regardless, the blunder might actually prove to be a fantastic way to remember his daughter’s graduation even if she only had an offscreen presence in this viral video.