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This Dad’s Funny Edits to His Wife’s Parenting Instructions Are Going Viral


When one wife was leaving on a business trip, she decided to leave her husband a list of well-meaning but extremely patronizing instructions for how to care for their toddler in her absence. Not a good move. To get back at her, the dad decided to make some silly edits. The altered list eventually made its way to Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

The dad made some simple grammatical edits to his wife’s list, correcting spelling and punctuation mistakes. But he also added his own comments and notes to her patronizing commands to sarcastically reference his perceived haplessness. For instance, “Take play mat over to grandparents house for playtime,” quickly became “Take Xbox One over to grandparents house for video games.” He scratched out the instruction to put their son, Jacob, in a onesie with feet, instead opting to dress him in “Whatever he looks awesome in.” 

He also added a cheeky FAQ section where he asked such questions as When do I eat? Where is the dog? How do I eat? to really rub it in. The dad was also sure to add activities to the day after mom returned. They included such items as “recover from being a single dad,” to “seek appreciation and praise from the wife.” Point taken. 

Here’s the entire list:

Now, this is simply a cheeky back and forth between a couple who, based on the comments alone, seems to have a pretty solid relationship. But it’s easy to stereotype dads by forcing them into a secondary caretaker role. Let’s take this at face value and not make a big deal about this. Let’s also hope that that poor fish is alright.