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This Dad Delivered His Own Baby at a Pub

He deserves an award.


Happy hour got more than a little interesting at the Perch and Pike pub in Oxfordshire, when one man delivered his own baby with the help of a 999 call operator after he realized that he and his wife couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

“I ran the hospital bag out to the car, then came back upstairs to get Sofie and said, ‘Right, we’re going to go,’” Simon Duffy, the pub landlord, recalled the incident to BBC. “And she said, ‘Oh I don’t think there’s going to be time, I can feel the baby coming now.’”

At that point, Duffy says they called 999 (the British version of 911) and were connected to Dawn. “I just assumed the ambulance would turn up and they would take over the delivery of the baby,” Duffy laughed. “But there wasn’t even time for that.”

Mom Sofie admits that she was equally anxious. “I panicked to start with but managed to tell myself I need to calm down and just get on with it basically.”

But neither Simon nor Sofie needn’t have worried. With the help of Dawn’s “calm and precise instructions,” the new dad was able to successfully deliver a healthy baby girl, Chloe.

And Dawn even got to see the outcome of her hard work when she met the newborn in person. “A lot of the time, once the call’s finished, we don’t get much of an update,” she told BBC. “So it’s really nice to see what’s happened… and see the baby that I helped bring into the world.”

Duffy isn’t the first dad to deliver a baby in public. Last spring, a Denver couple delivered their baby in the car as a dispatcher walked them through it and in November, a Wisconsin man helped his wife give birth in a hotel parking lot via an operator’s instructions.