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Dad’s Awesome Dance to Celebrate Son’s Release From Hospital Goes Viral

Thomas hopes his video inspires other parents with sick children see the best in life.

kennyclutch_ Instagram

Last Saturday, one-year-old Kristian Thomas of Merchantville, New Jersey, was released from the hospital after 32 days. Naturally, his dad Kennith couldn’t have been more excited. So much so that he started dancing by his son’s bedside as the boy started clapping and dancing along. The moves are solid, the kid is adorable. And as often happens in the age of the internet, the heartwarming video of Thomas’s dance of joy has gone viral. It’s been viewed over two million times.

“He’s dancing with me,” Thomas said of the video. “He’s on beat clapping and it’s like you can’t ask for anything better than that in life. It’s priceless.”

Thomas, it turns out, is actually a dance instructor and was dancing to the song “Level Up” by Ciara. Kristian, who was in the hospital for chemotherapy, was born with both Down Syndrome and Leukemia.

And while the one-year-old will have to go back for more chemotherapy soon, Thomas and his wife are doing their best to find something special about every single day — and they hope other parents with sick children can do the same.

“Don’t ever look at a situation and think the worst,” Thomas said. “I want people to look at their situation and flip it and change the perspective.”