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Man Builds Super-Sized Lego Bulldozer Using 3-D Printer

It took more than 600 hours of printing.

Mett Denton

Lego lover and YouTuber Matt Denton is at it again. Known for 3-D printing supersized-versions of old-school Lego kits ⏤ he’s already built a Lego forklift and a rideable go-kart ⏤ this time Denton and his nephew replicated Lego’s 1979 Technic Bulldozer set.

Much like with his previous projects, Denton 3-D prints exact versions of each piece in the kit⏤ only larger. In this case, it took more than 600 hours of printing to produce all 372 pieces. Fortunately, once the pieces were printed, it didn’t take the duo that long to assemble it all.

While the five-foot bulldozer unquestionably looks likes the smaller version, Matt did add a few modifications ⏤ including bearings for the wheel axles ⏤ to ensure the large version rolled smoothly. Denton noted that it was “definitely the most difficult” build he’s done so far, but that was primarily due to the printing time. In the end, though, it was worth it ⏤ his replica turned out to be pretty damn spot-on.