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Dad Creates an Epic Hogwarts Ice Palace for His Daughters

This guy might be a real-life wizard.

Kelly Davies is an ice sculptor from Alberta, Canada and, thanks to his latest frozen water masterpiece, should now be considered a frontrunner for the father of the year. Both of his daughters, Anna, 8, and Julia, 6, are massive Potterheads. So when their hometown received a heavy amount of snowfall recently, Davies decided to bring a little bit of magic into his daughters’ lives. He cut an insane ice replica of Hogwarts in the front yard.

The real-life ice palace includes replicas of the chair in Headmaster Dumbledore’s office, a miniature version of Hogwarts’ Great Hall, and a custom-made Hogwarts couch, which Davies explained was the only request from his wife. It also includes a massive ice slide, which doesn’t have anything to do with Harry Potter but is still very cool.

In the video provided by CBC news, Anna and Julia are seen admiring their dad’s craftsmanship while sporting Harry Potter scarves and beanies that show their house allegiance to Gryffindor. Davies told reporters that every year he makes a new ice sculpture in the family’s yard and this year, he let his daughters pick the theme. Naturally, they went with Potter. Although it’s hard to imagine they expected good old dad to build something this epic.