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Texas Dad Creates a Good Version of the Dangerous ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

Well, laundry isn't 'good', but it's way better than calling poison control or a trip to the hospital.

A Texas dad is going viral after posting his own unique response to the “Tide Pod Challenge” to Facebook. Brian Mayfield has one request for kids who are thinking about doing the challenge: “Learn how to wash your damn clothes.” His radical notion is that kids should, instead of consuming detergent, learn to do the laundry. This has resonated in some quarters.

For those who don’t know, the “Tide Pod Challenge” is a particularly dubious meme. People try to eat one of Tide’s candy-looking detergent bundles and, well, that’s about the size of it if they don’t get hospitalized. Does it sound pointless? Yep. Does it sound dangerous? Yep. Does it sound like how we live now? Unfortunately. And here’s the really fun bit: The pods contain a dangerous chemical called  1,4 Dioxane which can cause anything from minor nose and eye irritation to kidney failure and long-term lung damage. Great!

To all the teenagers who want to take the Tide Pod Challenge. I challenge you to take THIS particular Tide Pod Challenge. Please feel free to share with your kids and teach them so they don’t grow up to be idiots.

Posted by Brian Julia Mayfield on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mayfield decided to post the video after he and his wife had a conversation with each of their three kids about how to avoid bandwagoning stupid and often extremely dangerous social media challenges. For the father of three, it’s a matter of personal responsibility. “[Parents] all need to do better in teaching our children to be responsible and productive members of society,” he says in the video before going on to express some fear for the future of the world. “These children will ultimately be the ones running this country when we have passed. I want my children to be the leaders, not the ones who come up with these stupid, hazardous and unsafe challenges.”