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Dad Turned His Son’s Power Wheels Into a Badass Monster Truck

It looks just like the real Grave Digger.


One young monster truck fan got the best Christmas gift from his dad—his very own miniature Grave Digger. In a Reddit post on Tuesday, Geoff Gallo shared a photo of the finished ride which the father and son built together from a set of power wheels.

“Here’s the lucky lil dude on Christmas morning after taking his newly upgraded ride for a spin,” captioned Gallo. “It started life as a regular 24v Grave Digger power wheels and gradually got more and more modified until it’s reached this state.”

The handy dad posted a gallery of 22 images on Imgur, detailing the entire process of revamping his son’s ride with step-by-step instructions.

Some of the highlights include LED Halo fog lights for night driving, real BKT tires (just like the life-size Monster Jam truck), and an electronic speed controller to allow the truck to go over 15 miles per hour.

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For an added safety feature, Gallo made the steering wheel “go on and off like a real race car” which he says “doubles as a parental lock out, because [my son] can’t go for unsupervised joyrides if I take the steering wheel off.”

And to top it all off, the windshield is autographed by Adam and Ryan Anderson, the sons of Grave Digger’s original driver, Dennis Anderson, who the duo had previously met at a Monster Jam show.

What made the present even more special was that Gallo’s son helped build it. “There’s nothing better than building with your children. I love that I get to share so much awesome time with my son and that he’s actually enthusiastic about learning what I have to teach.”

The finished truck has already been a hit, according to an Instagram post by Gallo, which shows the boy riding around behind their house. Gallo jokes, “He’s mudding up the yard, but grass is totally overrated anyways.”