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Dad Gets Giant Chest Tattoo To Match His Son’s Birthmark

He sat through 30 hours of pain for his son—and it was all worth it.

Facebook / Juicy Quill Tattoo

As parents, we want our kids to be happy, feel fulfilled in life, and live to their best potential. When our children face hardship, it’s a challenge for us not to jump in and fix it. Sometimes, standing back while they trudge through it is what’s best. But other times we do have to step in to help our kids feel supported, understood, and accepted. And that’s what one dad did for his son—he got a chest tattoo, a birthmark replica of his son’s.

Derek Prue Sr., a dad from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, wanted to help grow his 8-year-old son’s confidence after he told him he didn’t want to take his shirt off in the pool. Derek Prue Jr. grew tired of kids in his class asking about his large birthmark, which covers a portion of his upper torso.

“I knew he was self-conscious about it,” Derek Sr. told the CBC. “I saw how he was reacting, and it made me want to do it so that he wouldn’t be the only one.”

Derek Sr. spent more than 30 hours over nine sittings getting a tattoo replica of his son’s birthmark in the same location his son has his. And his son had no idea, though he did say he was a little suspicious when his mom took photos of his birthmark.

He didn’t know then that his dad used those pictures to show a tattoo artist the unique chest piece tattoo he wanted. “He’s been through the wringer sitting for that,” said Tony Gibbert, the tattoo artist at Juicy Quill tattoo studio who spent about 30 hours tattooing Derek Sr., which took over six to eight weeks to finish.

This is derrick Jr and derrick sr . He is the dad that got his sons birthmark tattooed, its Very cool that he could do this to help his sons confidence and that we could be a part of their story .

Posted by Juicy Quill Tattoo on Thursday, December 10, 2020

“I think it’s amazing to be able to comfort your son like that,” Tony said. “It’s more than just your kid seeing your name or something; you get to actually, like, really change the way he feels about himself.”

And the impact the new tattoo had on Derek Jr. was just as his dad had hoped.

Instead of feeling self-conscious when it comes time to take his shirt off at the pool, Derek Jr. said, “Whenever Daddy’s there, I can take the shirt off.”

Getting this chest tattoo was a bold move that took 30 hours of time and pain, but his son will never question who he has in his corner.