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Viral Video of Baby And Dad Caught Napping Is Hilarious, Adorable

"If this doesn't blow up, honestly, I don't know what will."

A viral video of a baby and dad caught napping when they both weren’t supposed to be might feel like a familiar sight to all parents.

After all, it feels like the moment that you learn you’re going to become a parent, stories come out about how tired we’re going to be. Friends and family warn us that we’re not going to be able to sleep for the next 18 years. And even with all these warnings, when it comes time to bring home our newborns, and we get a taste of what being tired really means, we’re still caught off guard. Yearning for a nap becomes the goal for the day – even if we’re not supposed to be napping. One mom caught her husband and their young son sneaking a nap in at what was clearly NOT naptime, and the video went viral.

Sam Salazar is a mom to a super adorable little baby. She has a TikTok account dedicated to posting “cute and funny” video snapshots of the two of them going on about their day. One of Sam’s videos caught a few hundred thousand people’s attention because it’s a hilarious and adorable relatable parenting moment. She captioned her video, “If this doesn’t blow up, honestly I don’t know what will.” And she was right.

The video starts with a quick black screen, while a section of the song “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin MacLeod sets the mood. When the video pops on because mom turned on the light, we can see Sam’s partner in bed with their little boy. Both have an “oh no, we’ve been caught” look on their face.


If this doesn’t blow up, honestly I don’t know what will. #dadsoftiktok #babiesoftiktok #naptime

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

“Hey, it ain’t nap time,” Sam says to her partner and son, who is staring right at her. The camera does a subtle zoom onto the guys laying in bed. And at that moment, dad and son turn their heads to look at each other. They know full well their sleep plans have been foiled.

The video is purely adorable. It’s hilarious, too, because it’s fun to imagine the little one knowing what was going on at that moment. And, honestly, it’s just a very dad moment.