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Dad Catches Home Run While Holding His Newborn

Get this guy on the field.

Twitter: Sportscenter

Every baseball fan dreams of catching a home run at a game. Sometimes so much so that they forget they’re holding a beer, or a hot dog, or as was the case at last night’s Phillies-Dodgers game, a baby. Yes, one dad sitting in left field at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park deftly snagged a home run ball hit with one hand while holding on to his baby with the other arm. It was impressive, to say the least.

Usually, when a parent tries to catch a baseball while holding a baby, it spells trouble for everyone involved. Not so in this case, as the hero dad makes the catch without missing a beat. Take a look:

The best part of the entire thing? The man’s baby seems to not even register what is going on. The newborn isn’t crying or cheering as their dad celebrates becoming a SportsCenter highlight. Instead, the baby just sits there stoically, likely slightly confused by their dad suddenly jumping up and down while everyone else is yelling.

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