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This Dad Built His Son an Amazing Jet-Powered Scooter

But how did he forget to buy the kid a helmet?

YouTube: Colin Furze

When inventor, YouTuber, and possible mad scientist Colin Furze decides to build something, he goes all in. So, naturally, when it came time to upgrade his 5-year-old son’s scooter, he didn’t just hit up Amazon or head to his local Walmart for a new one. Instead, Furze slapped a jet-powered engine on a standard scooter so his son could ride circles around the neighborhood kids.

For the record, Furze is responsible for building the world’s fastest mobile scooter. But since this ride was for a kid, he opted for a slightly less powerful engine. He also made sure to use a battery-powered ducted fan so there was no risk of the engine burning or malfunctioning in a way that might injure anybody.

Furze also made the extremely wise decision to control the scooter using a remote control, rather than turning the steering over to his son. Who, by the way, still thoroughly enjoyed the ride. In the video, you can see the boy having an absolute blast hauling down the road while his old man watches with a look of glee on his face. Only problem ⏤ the kid’s not wearing a helmet, dammit! Good lord.

The video is nearly 10 minutes long but for good reason: Furze takes his time walking viewers through the complicated build process. And while conceivably, you could try to recreate Furze’s jet-powered scooter in your own garage, it’s important to remember that the dude has a high level of technical skills and knowledge. It may be one of those projects that’s better left to the professionals.