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Dad Builds Epic Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter

Not only does the girl run across a roof like Tom Cruise from 'Mission Impossible,' but the course ends with a full Warped Wall.

Jukin Media Youtube

The only way to get strong enough to compete on American Ninja Warrior is to practice in your backyard. Contestants on the show regularly talk about building a piece of the course at home. And even though there’s no kids version of the show just yet (it’s coming soon), that didn’t stop one dad from building his daughter her own full-fledged Ninja Warrior course in their backyard. Yes, it’s insane. In fact, stop reading for a minute to watch the video ⏤ you won’t be disappointed.

The video was posted by user Alphatek666 to the subreddit r/BeAmazed, and it follows the little girl traversing the entire course ⏤ complete with running clock and cheering audience track in the background ⏤ as if she was competing. It starts with the classic Quintuple Steps, just like in the show, before moving on to a teeter log and, get this, a cargo climb up to the roof of the garage where she then runs across two roofs like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. The girl, by the way, is in grade school. Seriously. And she’s got skills.

After climbing down off the shed, she rides a zip line past a bench full of her cheering stuffed animals while her dad narrates all the action as if he worked for NBC. As one would expect, it all ends with an epic run up the Warped Wall and the little girl slamming the buzzer ⏤setting a new course record at 2:23.