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Dad Trolls Teen By Picking Her Up From School Dressed As ‘Elf’

The viral video is hilarious — and wholesome.

Facebook / Gregory F. Sumsion

Parents looking for new material to embarrass their kids beyond belief and go viral on the internet need to look no further. A dad from Middleton, Idaho, crafted a prank so hilarious — but also so wholesome — that we can only assume his teenage daughter died from embarrassment, and all parents who are pranksters might want to read more. 

Idaho dad Greg Sumison went viral on TikTok after he decided to pick up his daughter, Alayna, from school in a full Buddy-the-Elf costume and subsequent demeanor. But rather than stay in the car, Sumison walked right up to the entrance of the school and started shouting, “Oh, my goodness, it’s Alayna! I know her! I know her!” He then rushes towards his daughter, who is doubled over with laughter and appears completely embarrassed, and says, “I want to sing you a song!”

He holds on to his daughter and sings/says: “Alayna, I’m here, and I love you! I love you! I love you!” He keeps annoying her and trying to give her a miniature elf until she asks, laughing, “How am I related to you?” Dozens of students stream past them and their public outburst, some looking on and laughing, most ignoring them altogether in that typical, disgruntled teenager way. 

Buddy the Elf showed up to pick up Alayna from school today. #buddytheelf #elf #spreadcheer #fitfam #aroo #spartanrace

Posted by Gregory F. Sumsion on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The bit goes on for 45 seconds and is hilarious. But more than being hilarious, it was also born out of wholesome intent — which makes it all the better. Greg told local Idaho news station KTVB7 that he and his kids had decided that for Christmas this year, they would focus on giving back to others, rather than helping themselves. When he asked them what they wanted this year, they immediately mentioned other people, he told KTVB7.

“I wanted to go around giving [out] these little elves that Alayna and found, I wanted to give those out to little kids to make them smile and everything else and I thought, ‘How is the best way to make anybody smile?’ so I figured I’d do it in character,” he said. And, Alayna even helped him pick out the Buddy the Elf costume, although, at the time, she didn’t know it would be used to embarrass her. He arrived at school in full costume, asked a student nearby to film it, and it was done. He then put the video on TikTok and, of course, it blew up.