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This Dad Found a Genius Way to ‘Breastfeed’ His Baby While His Wife Was Away

Any man can do it.

Allen Lamarr Fails Jr./Facebook

When two-week-old Ava was hungry but her mom was away, dad Allen Lamarr Fails Jr. had to improvise. In a Facebook post that’s now going viral, Fails came up with a brilliant breastfeeding hack for men using a bottle.

“My wife left the house and the baby got hungry. [She] wouldn’t take the bottle and I didn’t know what to do,” the dad of two told Good Morning America.

In the video, to simulate breastfeeding, Fails cut a hole in his shirt and then put a bottle underneath of it so that the nipple of the bottle came through. “The baby knew something wasn’t the same but she took it because I guess she felt comfortable,” he explained in an interview with USA Today.

Fails, who lives in Hattiesburg, Miss. with his wife Alexis and their kids, told GMA that he shared the video “to show people there’s more than one way to do something,” adding that “whenever you care about somebody you’ll do anything to make it work, even when you don’t have the resources.”

And he says that wife Alexis more than appreciated his efforts, telling GMA that “she was laughing about it.”

While Fails’ video is garnering a lot of attention on social media, with over 19 million views so far, he isn’t the first dad to come up with a similarly clever solution. Some dads have used fake nipples to breastfeed while others, like this one, even let their babies latch onto their own chest, providing what experts call “comfort nursing,” which is when babies like to suck on something to relax rather than to eat.

Regardless, viewers are praising Fails for getting creative instead of letting his baby go hungry. “Father of the century,” one parent wrote. Another commented, “Making my husband watch this ASAP. Game-changer!”