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Dad Breaks Guinness World Record For Fastest Marathon Pushing A Stroller

Calum Neff

As tired as you might be from having to chase your tiny human all weekend, fellow father Calum Neff has got you beat. On Sunday he broke the Guinness World record for running the fastest marathon … while pushing his daughter Alessandra in a stroller. The pair finished the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with the time of 2:31, 11 minutes faster than the last parent who pulled a Forrest Gump with their kid.

Neff placed 18th overall in a race of 4,500 athletes, who for the most part, opted to leave their precious cargo at home instead. The father of 2 has been racing competitively since 1988 and bringing his first born along on marathons since 2012, presumably so she could experience an event where the adults poop themselves too. At only 4 years old she’s kind of got a world record under her belt too, and it’s for sitting still in a stroller for more than 2 hours. Get that kid a medal.

Neff, who also set the half-marathon world record with his younger daughter Holland earlier this year, must’ve been confident in his record-breaking performance, because he live-streamed the entire rainy uphill battle via Fatherly’s Facebook page. And with a third baby on the way, he’s not likely slowing down anytime soon — just lightening the load. Hopefully the next kid likes getting pushed.

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