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Dad Speaks Out After Son ‘Humiliated’ By School For Having Long Hair

Even in 2018, boys are still shamed for the length of their hair.

BPM Media

Adam Nawab is a 9-year-old boy with long hair. Because of Adam’s long locks, he was recently made to stand up in front of classmates on the first day of school so the teacher could point out that the length of said hair constituted a dress code violation. Upon hearing this, Adam’s dad was not happy. He’s accusing the school of humiliating his boy.

Adam, who lives in Birmingham, England, has apparently not cut his hair for years, and it has just grown beyond shoulder length over the summer. Nawab believes that if there was a problem with his son’s attire, the school should have contacted him rather than put his child on the spot for the whole school to look at. And he has a fair point.

“If there was a problem with my son’s hair, why not tell me about it or send a letter home?” Nawab said. “If they told me, I’d just ask “Why?” ‘Yes, I’m angry, but getting angry at staff gets you nowhere. He is shy and upset about it. They made him stand up in front of classmates and humiliated him.”

To make matters worse, Nawab feels as if the school has a double standard regarding hair length. He noted that not only are their other kids at the school with hair just as long as Adam’s, but the school’s dress code never mentions hair length at all.

“We expect all pupils to maintain an appropriate and sensible haircut which is at the discretion of the Headteacher and School Leadership Team,” the dress code reads. Moreover, the code stresses that “Pupils will be continually made aware of this [their violations] through assemblies and ongoing school uniform monitoring by all staff.”

Nawab said he was never contacted by the school about the length of his son’s hair and has no intention of making Adam cut it any time soon, regardless of what the dress code says.