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12 Absurdly Cute Baby Halloween Photos To Distract You From Slow Election Results

Find some zen.

Election night 2020, for many American parents, regardless of political affiliation, was probably really stressful. Because of the pandemic this year and because of an increase in mail-in and absentee voting, it may take a few more days for total vote counts to come in, and even longer for decisions on major swing states like Pennsylvania to come in completely, meaning that anxious parents will likely sit with their anxiety for a few more days. None of that is great news for anyone. But in the meantime, because the vast majority of us have zero control over how votes will be counted, how long it will take, and when those votes will be released, we might as well engage in some coping mechanisms for stress.

Like looking at pictures of cute babies in cute Halloween costumes! To that end, here are 12 super cute baby Halloween costumes to look at while we wait for election tallies to come in. You feel better, guaranteed. 

This Knitted Baby Yoda Outfit 

This Famous S’more Baby

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S'mores to go!! 🖤🖤🍫🍫🖤🖤

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These Adorable NICU Babies

Moana from Montunui

The Cutest Ever Lobster in a Pot 

Ketchup… And Mustard

This Pine + Apple Family

A Strawberry In the Fall

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Casual Friday 🍓🎃🍓

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This Out-Of-This-World Astronaut

The Snuggliest Teddy Bear of All Time

Baby Ventura