Want Dog Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Actual Dog? Here You Go!

It's weird. But sweet.

Jan 23 2020, 3:38 PM

The obsession love you have for your dog knows no bounds—you’ll buy them whatever toys they want, let them sleep on your bed with you (at the expense of your own sleep), and make them their own Instagram page. And now, thanks to one apparel company, you can even get slippers that look just like your four-legged fur baby.

Using a digital photo of your pet, the artists at Cuddle Clones design faux fur slippers that are a spitting image of your pooch. You can customize everything from their eye color to their ear position to whether or not their mouth is open or closed. After you upload your pictures, your handmade slippers (which are available in sizes from youth to extra large) will arrive on your doorstep within eight weeks.

But while your pup’s love might not cost a thing, these slippers certainly do—they’re a steep $199 per pair. However, that’s money you’ll likely feel a little bit better about spending once you learn that a portion of every sale gets donated to a pet shelter or animal welfare organization. In fact, according to Cuddle Clones’ website, each purchase provides three meals and a toy for a pet in need.

And why stop at just custom slippers? Cuddle Clones also makes personalized stuffed animals, blankets, figurines, and even golf club covers that look exactly like your pup’s adorable face. Bonus: If you do go a little bit overboard on your ordering (or worse, don’t like how your creation turns out), the company offers an 100 percent refund policy on every purchase so you can get your money back.

Here are some of the best Cuddle Cones on Instagram: