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Watch the Cubs Cheer on Chicago’s Youngest Stand-Up Comedian

Former Chicago star David Ross brought his son Cole to spring training, who promptly cracked the entire Cubs team up with a grade-A dad joke.


Cole Ross, the son of former MLB player David Ross, had the whole Chicago Cubs roster in stitches this week, as he performed a comedy routine during a surprise visit to the team’s spring training. In the video, which was posted on the elder Ross’ 41st birthday, Cole channels the strength of all dads to tell a 5-star dad joke without missing a beat.

As the team finishes singing happy birthday to his dad, Cole, who is already standing in the middle of the circle breaks into a routine about a weird story involving his friend’s dad:

“So, one day, my dad drops me off at my friend’s house. I got thirsty so he told me to get something from the fridge. So I went downstairs to get something from the fridge and I saw his dad putting his money in the freezer. And I said ‘sir why are you putting your money in the freezer?’ and he said ‘Cause I want some cold hard cash.’”

Is it a Chappelle-esqe banger? No. But it’s a start. Kids usually aren’t too apprehensive about being funny, but it’s a whole different thing for Cole to test out his comedy chops in front of a group of adults like that.

“The kid did not blanch, he’s that funny,” said manager Joe Maddon. “We have to promote little Cole. The poise is outstanding.”

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