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Co-Workers From Wisconsin Just Discovered They Are Actually Father and Son

This is a head-scratcher for sure.


If you needed any more proof that the universe is always cooking up something strange, then look no further than the tale of Nathan Boos and Bob Degaro, two Wisconsin co-workers who recently found out that they’re related. Here’s the kicker though, Boos and Degaro aren’t distant cousins or siblings. Degaro is actually Boos’ biological father.

Growing up, it was no secret to Boos that he was adopted and he grew up without even a shred of information about who his biological parents were. In fact, Boos told WLAX-TV that it had never even occurred to him that he would. Fortunately, Boos’ adoptive parents knew exactly who his biological parents are and recently noticed that Boos was already friends with his biological father on Facebook.

What’s even funnier is that Boos and his real father don’t just work in the same place, they have the same job as truck drivers. Boos recalls telling his mom to ‘get out of here’ when she pointed Degaro out to him.

“It’s still kind of a shock and there’s days I’m not sure exactly what to say or how to act,” Degaro said. “I mean, he is my son but we didn’t have that father-son relationship growing up and then we became working partners before we knew who we really were.”

Degaro noted that the adoption made sense at the time, as he “wasn’t much of a dad,” when Boos was born. Beyond that, Degaro also noted that there were financial constraints especially given the fact that he’d already had two other children. After it was clear that Degaro wouldn’t have been a suitable father, Boos’ biological mother left him with his adoptive parents, two distant cousins.

Still, the two have become fast friends in the time that they’ve worked together. Degaro even plans to attend Boos’ upcoming wedding.