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Anti-Mask Dad Screams in Grocery Store, Carried Out by Son in Viral Video

This kid has had enough.

COVID-19 has spawned dozens of viral videos of people losing their shit when asked to wear a mask in a store. Normally, a low-wage retail worker or security guard is left to forcibly eject the conspiracist causing a scene, but a new viral video shot in a Tucson grocery store is different.

It shows a dad’s son, a kid who looks to be in his teens or maybe early 20s, taking his dad’s anti-mask tantrum into his own hands.

“These people won’t learn!” the dad cries out at the beginning of the clip. “You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks. You know it’s not real! You’ve got a fucking doily on your face, retard.”

Our middle-aged anti-hero continues to shout as his younger, also maskless companions try in vain to get him to calm down. A passerby gets in a “Fuck you, asshole,” but the dad doesn’t seem to hear it as he continues ranting.

“You’re a dork. Look at you, you giant fucking dork,” he yells. At this point, one of the man’s companions — the original tweet identifies him as his son — begins pushing the man towards the door.

You can hear him plead “Dad, c’mon dad” as, after a few steps backward, dad redoubles his efforts to stay in the store. It’s the kind of thing a teenager says when they’re embarrassed by their parents’ very presence, but this kid has a very good reason to be mortified as his dad tries to start a fight.

As his dad unconvincingly yells “I’ll beat that fuckin’ mask off your face,” the son wraps him in a bear hug and pushes him back further, probably as much for his own good as any other reason.

“Fuckin’ retard” is the last awful phrase the dad gets to yell before his son tightens his bear hug, picks up his dad, and physically carries him out of the store.

It’s a startling reversal of generational rules, as it’s the dad who’s throwing a tantrum and acting like a big baby and the son who’s forced to mete out discipline. Here’s hoping that he comes to his senses soon, or that he at least doesn’t force his kids to be the adults whenever they need to go grocery shopping.