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This Anti-Covid Drug Costs $3120 — If You Have Insurance

Will families be able to afford remdesivir?

There’s no vaccine and no “cure” for COVID-19, but there is one drug out there that can significantly help with symptoms. The only catch is that it’s not exactly cheap.

Various news outlets are reporting that starting in July 2020, the drug-company Gilead Sciences will start making remdesivir available for the public. To be clear, remdesivir’s usefulness is primarily in making the symptoms of COVID-19 less-severe and, for the most part, shortening the amount of time someone is sick. In other words, this drug is a type of band-aid, it just makes it a little comfortable and easier for your body to fight-off COVID-19.

That said, it’s not 100-percent effective. It’s not like taking a COVID-19 over-the-counter pain-killer. And that difference can mostly be found in the price-tag.

According to, the pricing breaks down like this.

“The majority of patients treated with remdesivir will receive a five-day treatment course using six vials of remdesivir, the company said. That would bring the government cost to $2,340 for patients on the five-day treatment and $3,120 for patients through commercial insurance.”

So, basically, if you have insurance this will not be a cheap treatment. This means, effectively, that for most families, the stimulus check doesn’t even cover this cost. Whether this is remotely fair or not clearly isn’t on anyone’s minds. What impact this will have on US hospitalizations for COVID remains to be seen.

For now, it’s hard for families worried about COVID-19 to see this as good news. Sure, there might be something out there to make you feel better if you get sick. But, because pandemic-caused economic hardships are already bad enough, the last thing anyone needs right now is an extra bill.

This story is developing.