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Check Out This Epic Game of Thrones Gender Reveal

Baby is coming.


Boy or girl? That’s the question commonly asked (and answered) at gender reveals. But one set of super fan parents had a different question for the guests at their Game of Thrones gender reveal party: King or Khaleesi?

Mom Edrienne shared photos of the celebration, inspired by the HBO hit series, on Instagram last July using clever hashtags like “#BabyIsComing” and “#BendTheKnee.” There was a banner with the Stark and Targaryen house sigils and an adorable cake topped with two GoT character figurines.

Guests were also invited to sign a frame that read, “Baby Dine-hart: Heir to the Iron Throne,” guessing whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. In the center of the frame was a photo of the throne with a sonogram of the child superimposed on top of it.

At the end of the party, the parents-to-be cracked open a gold dragon egg pinata which was full of pink confetti, much to their excitement and the cheers of their guests.

The couple’s celebration is part of a growing GoT gender reveal trend. Parents who want to give their baby a White Walker-approved welcoming can now even buy dragon eggs that change color based on the baby’s gender. Available on Amazon for $45, the four-inch eggs, made with hand-painted metal scales, turn either blue or pink when heat is applied.

And some parents are taking things even further by naming their newborns after their favorite GoT characters. One study found that there’s been a recent spike in GoT baby names following the premiere of the show’s final season, particularly for names like Khaleesi, Tyrion, and Stark.