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Couple Shares Shocking ‘Alien’ Themed Maternity Photoshoot

The photos began like any other maternity shoot but things quickly took a bizarre turn.

Sigourney Weaver in the original 'Alien' (20th Century Fox)

Traditionally, maternity shoots are a way for expectant parents to document the pregnancy process and celebrate the upcoming addition to their family. But one couple decided to give this concept a bit of horror-twist with some help from one of the scariest movies ever made: AlienThe result is equal parts hilarious and horrifying, as Todd and Nicole Cameron managed to pull off what might be the most brilliant maternity shoot ever. Warning: the photos below are pretty insane and if you were freaked out by Alien, you might be freaked out by this maternity shoot.

The first few photos were totally normal, with Todd and Nicole standing in a pumpkin patch and doing standard “maternity shoot poses”, such as Todd kissing Nicole’s stomach and Todd holding a pumpkin to represent their unborn baby. However, as the two were lying down for some photos, things suddenly took a bizarre turn, with Nicole beginning to experience what looked like stomach pain.

Todd had his wife lie down in hopes that she would feel better but before he could figure out what was wrong the answer came in the form of a tiny alien bursting right out of where a human baby was supposed to be. The little Xenomorph tried to make a run for it but Todd was able to catch it and the couple was even able to take a few photos with their newborn extraterrestrial.

Well, you won't believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!! Our chests are bursting with love for our…

Posted by Todd Cameron on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The entire photoshoot is totally awesome and since posting them online earlier this week, the entire thing has unsurprisingly gone viral. The photo album has been shared more than 200,000 times on Facebook. According to Todd, the entire idea began at a yard sale.

Facebook: Todd Cameron

“I found the alien chestburster model at a garage sale this Summer,” Todd told Popsugar. “As I was putting it together and painting it, the idea of this shoot came to me. I talked to Nicole, and she wasn’t keen on a regular maternity shoot, so we decided that this would be a fun way to spread some laughs.”