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Costco Is Offering Discounted Tickets to Universal Studios

Be a hero to your kids and save a little cash while you're at it.

Flickr / Prayitno

As a parent, you are already aware that Costco is a magical place that sells everything you could ever want in bulk at surprisingly affordable prices (plus, free samples). And as if you needed another reason to love the warehouse chain, Costco could save you a bunch of money on your next family vacation, as you can currently buy discounted tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Typically, a single ticket to the California theme park will cost you $109 but Costco members can currently save big by purchasing a three-visit pass for only $139, meaning that you can enjoy the parks for three days for only $30 more than a standard one-day admission price. The best part? You don’t even have to use all three visits consecutively, as you can space out your uses over a year after your first visit. The passes expire on June 15, 2020, which means you have over a year to visit Universal Studios Hollywood three times.

Costco members can purchase up to six three-visit passes, which will allow families to potentially save hundreds of dollars while having a totally awesome vacation. The tickets do come with some blackout dates, so you will need to plan to make sure your visits are when the tickets are valid.

The one downside? The discounted tickets are not valid at the Universal Studios Park in Orlando, so East Coasters will have to fly all the way to California to take advantage of this great deal. But with all of the awesome rides and shows, including Harry Potter World, this is still a pretty fantastic way to thrill your kids without breaking the bank.