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A State-By-State Breakdown Of What It Costs To Have A Kid

August is the most popular month to have a baby, because what else is there to do in November? If you’re part of the crowd this year, the analysts at Wallet Hub have some goods or some bad news. The money managing resource compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia in areas of delivery budget, health care, and baby-friendliness across 17 different metrics, in order to determine if you’re doing it in the wrong state. Here’s what to expect when you’re not expecting to move during the last month of the pregnancy.

Although Vermont ranked number one overall, the state came in at 40 in terms of how much the actual deliver costs. At least you’re getting what you pay for there because they ranked first for health care. Maine came in at number 2 overall, followed by Connecticut, Minnesota, and New Hampshire rounding out the top 5. Interestingly, the cheapest state in terms of cost of delivery, Mississippi, came in last place for health care, 26 for kid friendliness, and last overall. Really the only states where you can save money on delivery without paying for it in other areas were Utah, which came in at number 4 for cost of delivery and 11 across the board. North Dakota and South Dakota had similarly small gaps between cost of delivery.

The worst states to have a baby following Mississippi were Louisiana, Alabama, New York, and Georgia. Surprisingly, New York wasn’t the worst in terms of baby friendliness, because babies aren’t old enough to ask for directions. Alabama was the least baby-friendly (you’ve seen how they treated Forrest Gump), followed by South Dakota, Utah, Kansas, and South Carolina, where they’d could also do without your kid.

The amount of variance between category rankings reveals that there’s definitely no perfect place to have a baby, but some states pose more challenges than others. And, not to beat up on the Southeast, but Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia all just received “F’s” in last week state-by-state report cards measuring family leave policies. Still, the college football is awesome.

[H/T] Wallet Hub

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