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This App Helps Divorced Parents Settle Custody Disputes and Save Cash

Co-parenting, solved.


Navigating a divorce or separation when there’s a child involved can be tricky. But a new app is attempting to make the process a little bit easier—and cheaper. Using AI technology, coParenter allows parents to resolve custody disputes outside of court and better manage co-parenting planning.

“Too many children of separated, divorced and never-married parents experience excessive levels of toxic stress from exposure to their parents’ ongoing conflict, in and out of court,” explained Jonathan Verk, CEO and co-founder of coParenter, in a press release Thursday. “coParenter helps parents be more civil as they structure, manage and document their co-parenting life.”

Some of the key features available include coordinated calendars, a location-based “check-in” for handling child exchanges, un-editable messages and expense forms, and easy access to important legal documents. Plus, the AI technology uses language filters and context clues to “predict and prevent conflicts before they even occur.”

The app also offers an on-demand mediation service known as GetHelp. Verk describes, “If conflict occurs, they can access a live co-parenting professional who can mediate agreements and resolve disputes quickly, legally, and for way less than it costs to file a motion.”

And if one parent refuses to use the app, the other parent can opt for SoloMode. This setting lets the parent using coParenter to access all of the features while the other receives updates via a separate phone number.

Since launching the pilot version of the app in March 2017, the company claims to have resolved over 4,000 disputes, 81 percent of which were handled without a mediator or legal professional.

CoParenter is currently available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.