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This Cop Bought a Carseat For a Family That Couldn’t Afford One

He was supposed to give them a ticket. But...

Andrella Jackson via Milwaukee Police Department/Facebook

A Milwaukee police officer is being praised for going the extra step for a single mom of five young kids. On October 12, Officer Kevin Zimmerman stopped Andrella ‘Lashae’ Jackson after noticing she was driving with the wrong registration. Jackson was fully expecting to get hit with a fine, but Officer Zimmerman went another direction—he decided to help.

According to TMJ4 News, after Officer Zimmerman stopped Jackson, he noticed her three kids in the backseat. “I see three kids in the backseat and two are very young,” Zimmermann told the news station. “I didn’t observe any child restraints or even seat belts and I asked why the kids aren’t in car seats. She said she can’t afford them at this time.”

The mother explained to the officer that financially, things were tough. She said she was struggling to cover all the necessary items, including proper car seats. “With bills coming up and winter coming up, I have to get coats and boots and shoes for my kids,” Jackson said. “So, it was hard for me.”

Instead of writing up a citation for the improper registration of her car, and not having her kids properly restrained, Officer Zimmerman wanted to help. “I’m a father myself, I have three kids,” Zimmermann said. “I thought of my kids jumping around. What if a car hit them and they flew and got seriously hurt, if not killed?”

Andrella JACKSON was recently pulled over by MPD District 5 Officer Zimmerman, and received much more than a traffic…

Posted by Milwaukee Police Department on Monday, October 14, 2019

Officer Zimmerman hit up the local Walmart and purchased two new car seats for around the same dollar amount the citations would have been. Later, he passed by Jackson’s house to install the new car seats into her car.

“I got these for you and your kids so your kids can be safe and you don’t have to worry about at least this part of the situation you’re in,” Zimmermann said. “She kept saying thank you and the kids kept saying thank you.”

The mom shared this heartwarming story on Facebook, where Officer Zimmerman is being praised for his understanding and generosity toward Jackson.