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Conan Revealed He Has a Secret Son (Who Looks a Lot Like Milo Ventimiglia)

It's like 'This Is Us,' but starring Conan O'Brien.

Conan O'Brien/YouTube

On Tuesday’s airing of Conan, the late-night host parodied This Is Us by staging his own hilarious take, titled “This Is Conan.” During the sketch, O’Brien not only makes fun of the hit TV drama but also reveals that he has a secret son.

“The success of [This Is Us] has taught us one thing about TV viewers: They love searing family drama,” the 55-year-old host explains. “So I thought why not all a little of that to this show.”

After an intro designed to look like that of the NBC series, “This Is Conan” opens with a dramatic dinner conversation between O’Brien and his scorned wife (Andy Richter) complaining about his long work hours. And when O’Brien gifts Richter a diamond necklace, he instantly grows suspicious, demanding to know what he’s hiding.

“I have a secret son,” Conan reveals, as This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia emerges from backstage and sits down at the table to join this tense family dinner.

Richter scoffs, “Conan, this is not your son, he’s way too ruggedly handsome… Can’t you see this stranger is just scamming us for free food?”

O’Brien, who has had his share of funny family drama in the past (last fall, he even rented his own family for the day during a trip to Japan), replies, “That’s not important. All that matters is we’re a family now.” And when a frustrated Richter asks, “What happened to us?!” O’Brien responds with an emphatic, “Don’t you see Andy? This is us.”