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To Avoid Feeling Lonely, Conan Decided to Rent a Family During His Vacation in Japan

Apparently it's a thing people do.

Conan O'Brien/Twitter

In his latest episode of Conan Without Borders, TBS late-night host Conan O’Brien rented a fake family in Japan so he didn’t have to be alone. With the help of Ishii Yuichi, a family rental agent in Tokyo, he acquired a new wife, 12-year-old daughter and father for the day, which he hilariously captured on his show.

The family rental business is booming in Japan, where loneliness is a growing problem among the country’s residents. So to get the authentic Japanese experience, O’Brien decided to try it out for himself. Along with a new dad and daughter, the 55-year-old also chose a much younger wife, teasing, “I’m from Los Angeles and a man my age is required by law to marry a woman who’s 25.”

Before they set off, O’Brien laid out some ground rules, the first being that his temporary family had to laugh at all of his jokes. His new wife translates all of this to her daughter, explaining, “Please believe he’s the coolest dad… He’s a comedian, but his family doesn’t laugh at his jokes.”

The other main rule was that his “dad” had to apologize for an incident involving creamed corn that happened back in the ’70s but that O’Brien is still scarred from. Not only did the elderly Japanese man say he was sorry, he even told the comedian, “I like you more than your brothers. You are my favorite son.” Of course, this was all prompted by O’Brien, but was well-received nonetheless.

After spending the day exploring Tokyo with his new relatives, O’Brien tweeted a photo of the group toasting each other with glasses of wine and giant grins, captioning it “I’ve never been happier.”