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Watch Conan and Nick Kroll Teach the Greatest Sex Ed Class of All Time

Including how to put on a condom.

Leave it to comedian Nick Kroll to nail the touchy topic of adolescent sexuality. On Thursday’s airing of Conan, Kroll and host Conan O’Brien teach what is arguably one of the most hilarious sex ed classes in Burbank, Calif.

“We’re going to go into the high school and talk to kids about sex,” O’Brien says, adding that it’s “something that I’ve been arrested twice for.”

After all, Kroll is all too familiar with middle school sexuality, thanks to his hit animated TV show Big Mouth. “It’s about kids going through puberty and human sexual development,” Kroll explains to the late-night host. He also describes his own experiences with sex growing up.

“I was a late bloomer,” the 40-year-old comedian admits, saying that he was often pantsed as a kid and made fun of for his “bald little cashew.”

Once inside the classroom, Kroll and O’Brien start by discussing sexual anatomy and masturbation before moving onto more practical tips for safe sex. Explaining to the kids that “between us we’ve had about three sexual partners,” the duo demonstrates how to put a condom on a cucumber and compares different fruits to the various shapes and sizes of penises.

They also go over the definition of consent. When one kid says they consider consent to be “if they’re definitely into it,” O’Brien laughs that if that were the case, it “would kill my sex life with my wife.”

And before concluding their class, Kroll and O’Brien discuss what realistic pornography would be like. Titled “Socks On, Lights Off,” O’Brien describes it as being constantly interrupted by his kids and the cat, before both he and his wife fall asleep.