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This Comedian’s Hilarious Imitation of Moms Is Absolutely Perfect

"I'm not your maid."

Trey Kennedy/YouTube

One YouTube comedian perfectly summed up what moms are really like in a hilarious new sketch. The viral video, shared last month, features Trey Kennedy imitating some of the most common things moms love to say and do.

The video is packed with relatable mom moments, like when every mother starts by nicely waking her kid up, saying “Hey sweetie, it’s time to get up for school. Breakfast will be ready,” before becoming outraged when their kid still hasn’t gotten out of bed.

Or the mom who’s obsessed with good grades. “You better do every extra credit assignment there has ever been in the history of mankind, do you hear me?” the comedian says after finding out that “her” kid has an 89.

Kennedy also pokes fun at things like a mother’s over-protectiveness (“Text me as soon as you get there”), the screaming voice most moms use when on the phone, and parents’ inability to understand technology (“How do you send an email attachment?”).

And of course, there’s the famous “I’m not your maid” saying as he brings up the ridiculous number of cups left by the kitchen sink and the amount of water on the bathroom floor after a shower.

The clip already has over 4.8 million views on Facebook alone, along with 24,000 comments laughing along with Kennedy’s portrayal of moms. “If you haven’t said at least 75% of these things, are you even a mom?” wrote one woman.



Posted by Trey Kennedy on Friday, December 21, 2018

Some parents even chimed in with other “mom-isms” that they’re famous for. When one mother commented, “You forgot the after your first day of school interrogation” along with a list of questions (like “Did you talk to anyone at school? Did you make any new friends? Do you like your teachers?”), Kennedy replied, “That was too traumatizing for me to recreate.”