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A Comedian Does a Perfect Impression of Every Frustrated Parent at Disney Parks

More than 10 hours at a Disney park might be too much for any parent.

When you’re a kid, going to a Disney park is a huge deal. But, when you’re a parent, a trip to Disneyland or Disney World can fill your heart with terror, as you imagine all the money you’re going to have to spend, the lines you’re to have to wait in, and the meltdowns you’re going to have to endure. But while the Disney experience may be a nightmare for parents, comedian John Crist managed to find some humor in the pain as he made a hilarious video that perfectly captures the chaos of going to a Disney park as a mom or dad.

The video begins with Crist and his family having just arrived at the park with Crist having the entire day planned for his family. But things quickly go off the rails as his “kids” just want to go to the Hall of Presidents and waste money on souvenirs.  

“$45 for bedazzled mouse ears?” Crist asks his daughter. “Baby, you want these or you wanna go to college?”

Every parent at Disney…

Posted by John Crist on Sunday, July 29, 2018

It’s not long before he takes the most frustrating and sweaty thing about any trip to Disney, or maybe any theme park for that matter: the egregiously long lines.

“We’re not waiting an hour and a half for impressions of France,” he says. “Eat a baguette and lose a world war, that’s my impression of France. Let’s go to space mountain.”

Still, chances are, the line to ride space mountain will make you cry too, so, as Crist put it, he would rather just ‘ride’ “a park bench in the shade.”

The video clearly resonated with frustrated parents everywhere, as it has been viewed more than 17 million times since it was uploaded. Hopefully, the next time a mom or dad is on the verge of a breakdown after waiting for two hours to ride It’s a Small World for the tenth time, they can remember this video and laugh, knowing that countless other parents are having an equally difficult day for the sake of their kids.