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Another Reason Your Kid’s Love Of Video Games May Not Be So Bad

flickr / David K

There’s plenty of research nowadays that proves video games are not the devil and may even be good for your kid when mixed with moderation and parental guidance. Studies show that not only can gaming increase memory and slow cognitive decline, it can also help your kid learn to drive. And thanks to a new program at the University Of California-Irvine, video games could bankroll part of your kid’s college education one day — as long as you’re willing to visit them in SoCal.

UCI opened their new state of the art eSports facility last month, which boasts 70 high-end gaming computers, with top of the line graphics and processing power. Each station is equipped with special $300-plus chairs that resemble race cars and can accommodate the nerdiest of back problems. But the most impressive financial feat of all is that they will offer 5 scholarships to gamers that cover approximately half of in-state tuition, according to Business Insider.

The 5 students awarded the scholarship will play on the school’s 10-player gaming team, along with 5 other students who try out, who battle other colleges in the popular game League Of Legends. On top of that, kids competing can win millions in prize money, all while telling their parents “I told you so.” Ideally by the time your little Angry Bird is old enough to reap these benefits, there’ll be even more cash where this came from.

[H/T] Business Insider