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Colbert Says His New Trump Children’s Book Has “No Moral”

Colbert said the only way to make Trump's comments after the hurricane palatable was to put them in a kids book.


Books and stories are often a simple way to explain difficult subjects to young kids, and there is no doubt that parents today are knee deep in an era full of challenging, and often infuriating, shit to explain. That said, when late-night host Stephen Colbert wanted to explain Donald Trump’s insensitive behavior in the wake of the highly destructive Hurricane Florence, he did what any adult would do. He wrote a kids book about it.

The Carolinas were among the areas most devastated by the storm and during a relief trip to deliver aid the president —never known for his bedside manner— was infamously insensitive to a man who’s house had just been destroyed by a runaway yacht. Donald Trump asked him “Is this your boat?” and when the man replied no, Trump said “At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”  So naturally, Colbert’s book is called Whose Boat is This Boat? Comments That Don’t Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane.

Nauseatingly, Trump continued to remark about the boat for the duration of his trip to the Carolinas. So the rest of the book is just filled with illustrations of the all the president’s inappropriately timed comments about the vessel. It drops on November 6th but is already the number one selling title on Amazon. All of the proceeds from the book will go to the Foundation for the Carolinas, the One SC Fund, the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund, and the World Central Kitchen.

“He had an impassioned and truly heartfelt response to this one boat that washed ashore. He wouldn’t stop talking about it … This way, Donald Trump’s comments about that boat are helping. In spite of him,” Colbert said.