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‘Coco’ Is Coming to Netflix in May. Watch it 1000 Times.

If you've never watched it, watch it. If you already watched it, chances are you want to watch it again. If you thought it was fine, watch it again

Youtube/Disney Pixar

While it came out only six months ago, Coco is headed to Netflix in May. The dreamy Disney-Pixar film, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Film, is one of the best to come out of the studio, a touching, fun, and beautifully rendered folktale about love and family. If you’ve never watched it, watch it. If you already watched it, chances are you want to watch it again. If you thought it was fine, watch it again. If you hated it, may god have mercy on your soul.

Can you tell we love this movie? Because we do. The movie has betrayal, murder, heartbreak, and lots and lots of skeletons. There’s also humor, humanity, and some of the best visual gags in years. It’s a recipe that demands precise measurements of all ingredients lest the resulting concoction be a mess. But they nail it. And the tender family saga steeped in the vibrant world of Mexican folklore, as we wrote, is their best work since Toy Story 3.

Coco tells the story of a young Mexican boy named Miguel who dreams of dazzling the world with his guitar, much like his hero Ernesto de la Cruz, the most famous musician in Mexican history. The only hiccup? His grandmother and the rest of his shoemaking family have strictly forbidden music of any kind thanks to Miguel’s great-great grandfather running out on his wife and daughter to pursue his dream of being a world-famous musician.

Miguel has to keep his love of music secret. When he tries to “borrow” the famous guitar from de la Cruz’s grave, Miguel is whisked away to the Land of the Dead. Soon, he realizes if he does not get blessed by one of his dead relatives by sunrise, he will be stuck there forever.

Death. Family betrayal. It sounds like Coco might be grim, right? And, considering this is Pixar, that wouldn’t be a bad wager (thanks for making us forever worried, heartbreaking beginning of UP). But, while there are moments of sadness in Coco, they’re balanced out with humor, heart, and genuine connection. It’s a movie about telling family stories and remembering to remember the connections that created us. 

TLDR: Stream Coco. Its incredible. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, we’re not friends. Okay, we are.