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Coaches Start Fistfight At Pee-Wee Football Game

Yet another example of parents losing their cool and setting a terrible example for the kids.

@salyers73 Twitter

No one was hurt and no charges were pressed after two coaches turned the customary post-game handshake into a brawl following a Pee-wee football game in Wise, Virginia. Shortly after the line formed, two adult coaches can be seen arguing with each other. The shoving appears to die down before one of the men runs over to rekindle the argument and punches are eventually thrown. It was all captured on video by a spectator and you can hear both kids and other parents screaming in the background as the fight escalates and chaos ensues. 

Local police were called to the scene but didn’t make any arrests. It’s unclear what as was said to trigger the fight. Perhaps one team ran up the score in an unsportsmanlike manner, or maybe someone accused the other person of cheating. As the fight went on, the situation grew even stranger when players and spouses began to get in between the brawling adults. One coach can even be seen slamming another into the ground.

“It was pitiful to see the kids crying and scared (and) these are their coaches and mentors and guys they look up to,” the parent who took the video told News 5. “I hope it all gets resolved and doesn’t happen again.”

Even though youth athletics are supposed to be about, you know, the kids, this is far from an uncommon occurrence in youth sports today. In late 2017, two Texas youth football teams had their seasons canceled after one irate dad walked up to the opposing team’s bench, pushed some kids, and started a fistfight. In June, the parents of two North Carolina softball teams had a real battle royale at a 12-and-under tournament. On that occasion, they were arguing over the number of outs.

Ultimately, the bad sideline behavior of sports parents is making the refs more irate, and that blows back on the kids who are playing. When parents lose their minds on the field, everyone else involved becomes less interested in participating, and that isn’t fair.