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Clowns-Only Screenings Are Coming Back to Make ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Even Scarier

As if the movie wasn't terrifying enough.

New Line Cinema

If you have a fear of clowns (aka coulrophobia), you’re probably not going to be seeing It: Chapter Two anyway. But just in case you decide to face your fears and check out the horror flick, you should most definitely avoid the clowns-only screenings. Alamo Drafthouse, a chain of cinemas that allow guests to dine in while watching, is bringing back their clowns-only screenings for the second installment of It.

What exactly is a clowns-only screening, you ask? Well, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. The Drafthouse invites moviegoers to don full clown attire, including makeup, wigs, and baggy pants and other normal things that instantly become terrifying when part of a clown getup. It has yet to be confirmed whether the cinema will be sending tiny Ubers for the clowns to carpool in, but I mean, they probably should.

The 2017 adaptation of It, based on Stephen King’s iconic book of the same name, was an instant hit. The film was directed by Andy Muschietti and raked in over $700 million at the box office. It: Chapter Two will follow deranged clown Pennywise, who returns to torment the grown-up members of the Losers’ Club. It promises to be just as terrifying as the first and features a star-studded cast including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader.

The film premieres on September 5, and the clowns-only screenings will be held in 17 Alamo Drafthouse locations across the U.S. Tickets are on sale now, so get fluff your wig and practice your best Pennywise voice.