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‘Christopher Robin’ Is Basically a Movie For Overworked Dads

As it turns out, our stuffed animals are actually emotional acupuncturists and we just didn't know it.

Christopher Robin Disney

After recently dropping an extended trailer earlier this month, Disney has just released an extended sneak peek of their new film Christopher Robin,  and by the looks of it, the movie is going to be the perfect film for overworked dads everywhere.

Like many of Disney’s other animated to live action outings, Christopher Robin, will deviate from the original storyline a little bit. The film will follow Christopher Robin, not as a young boy playing with his stuffed animals in the Hundred Acre Wood, but as a stressed out dad who is struggling to find the ever-elusive work/life balance.

The sneak peek shows Christopher’s daughter lamenting the fact that she never sees him because of work, then his wife is warning him that his “life is happening right now,” and by the time Pooh shows up Christopher  is already in a full-blown stupor while muttering ‘What to do?” on a park bench in the middle of London.  The whole thing is funny because when Pooh approaches him for the first time, Christopher is certain that he’s having some kind of psychotic episode due to stress. It’s at this point that the bear says “It’s not stress, it’s Pooh” —something that could easily be perceived as either creepy or endearing.

As the trailer goes on, eventually Christopher’s family gets in on the talking stuffed animal action while he himself looks progressively less miserable in every clip. While the takeaway likely won’t be to talk to your stuffed animals when you’re feeling overwhelmed, Christopher Robin looks like it still has something to say about finding your inner child again. That in and of itself is a good message for stressed dads everywhere.